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K-pop boy band ATEEZ talk about the success their album ‘The World EP 2: Outlaw’ had on our Billboard chat, their fans dancing to their hit “Bouncy,” Mingi’s emotional solo song, and more!

Hello we’re ATEEZ and this is Billboard News.

Tetris Kelly
It’s Tetris with Billboard News and I’m hanging out with ATEEZ, thanks guys for coming.

Tetris Kelly
I’m so happy to have you here. Let’s talk about the charts. So when ‘The World EP 2: Outlaw’ came out, it hit No. 1 on our Top Album Sales chart, so that means it wasn’t just streaming. People wanted this whole album to themselves. So why do you think they wanted the full project?

Hong Joong
I think this album is like a whole different ATEEZ. So that’s why many ATINYs and many audience want to get some new taste of our album, so I think that’s one of the reasons.

Tetris Kelly
And then when you have a success like that, do you ever feel pressure to then follow it up? How do you go into your recording process after having a top No. 1 album sales?

We’re planning a lot of music right there, but this is top secret so we can’t tell that.

Hong Joong.
It was actually after we got some charts on like high, high numbers in the chart. Yeah, we have pressure. Also we try to enjoy these days because we try to get good mindset to make a new song and, after debut we always try to doing something different with our new songs or like new genre of music.

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